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A Visit to the New Freebirds

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Having been to only one location of Freebirds World Burrito in Houston – the one in that funky center where Shepherd meets up with, well, almost everything – it seemed as good a time as any to branch out. And since that’s exactly what the burrito that first conquered the kids at A&M, followed by the kids at UT, seems to doing, I found one of the latest locations right around the Target off I-10.

There’s surely something ironic about such a hippie-dippie vibe as Freebirds turning up among bastions of commerce, a cluster of outlets that includes national food players like Panda Express and Dickie’s Barbecue. But in a city with several variations on “California burrito concept,” Freebirds always strikes me as exceedingly Texan at heart.


As you may have noticed, it’s summer in Houston – and that means the idea of a cool, crisp salad sounds better to many of us than ever. The place features a selection of Freedom Salads for only $5 most of the summer – and that includes the same high-quality meats and other ingredients that grace their burritos. In this case, we ordered a burrito bowl with lots of lettuce and asked them to leave out the tortilla.

Some like it hot, and of course some like it cold. The bottle on the right contains Freebirds’ own Death Sauce, a colorfully monickered paean to mouthburn. Tasted by itself, it’s pretty darn painful, but it does work wonders with the food. On the left are two flavors of margaritas. Something tells me they’re selling a bunch of those icy wonders these days.

Still, burritos are in the name at Freebirds, and burritos are what most people walk in the doors for. The care that goes into these things is impressive, starting with beef, pork carnitas and chicken breast grilling all throughout the day. I couldn’t decide between Spanish rice and cilantro rice, so the young woman building my burrito behind the counter suggested both. At Freebirds, as at so many other restaurants, that’s quite often the solution I choose.

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I've been a journalist and author forever. My favorite single word in the English language is "foodandwine." This spirit drives my 45 published books and my weekly radio show heard in Houston, Dallas and Austin.

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  1. I ate my first Freebird Monster in 1992; Gig’em.
    I’ve stopped going to Freebirds. When I need to gorge on a burrito, I take my flock over to Chipotle. It’s not that the burritos are that much better, it’s just that I’ve gotten tired of seeing, kids trying to be Rastafarians, odd-ball Chinese-language tattoos on forearms, and Plinko chips inserted into the lobes of one’s ears.

    I guess I’ve grown up.


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