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Frei Brothers Wines on Houston DM

HOUSTON Saturdays and Sundays 4-5 p.m., NewsRadio 740 KTRH

A Presentation of Spec’s Wines, Spirits & Finer Foods 

SATURDAY: For more than two decades, the Mansion on Turtle Creek in Dallas was not only the ultimate destination for the foodlover to whom money was no object – it was also the home of Chef Dean Fearing. In one of those things that happen sometimes, Fearing left a couple years back to do his own thing, and the Mansion needed a new chef to capture the now-served-nightly magic in a bottle. We talk to the chef they found, as well as to the manager-wine guy who is the luxury hotel’s voice of continuity. We also spend some time learning about the latest trends in viticulture (that being the art and science of growing grapes to produce wine) from Jim Collins of Frei Brothers in Sonoma.  

SUNDAY: Speaking of chefs and the movement from job to job that is their lot, we check in with our all-time favorite Aussie, Jason Gould. Houston got to know Jason pretty well during his years of cooking for Scott Tycer, particularly when this culinary “odd couple” opened Gravitas to celebrate all comfort foods. When that position went away, Jason searched for something else, some new challenge – and he’s finding it these days at Cyclone Anaya’s. As corporate chef, he’s working on new menu items for Houston, Dallas and wherever Cyclone’s expands next. Also today, in our Grape and Grain segment, we taste the wines of Red Car.


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I've been a journalist and author forever. My favorite single word in the English language is "foodandwine." This spirit drives my 45 published books and my weekly radio show heard in Houston, Dallas and Austin.

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