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Chef Lou Lambert on DM in Houston

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Lou Lambert, now of Austin and Fort Worth

HOUSTON: Saturdays and Sundays 4-5 p.m. on NewsRadio 740 KTRH

SATURDAY: Most Texas chefs get to be that way by way of Houston, Austin or Dallas, or at least by way of Waxahatchie; but Clive Berkman got to be a Texas chef by way of Johannesburg, London, New York and Miami. Today, he tours the Lone Star State tirelessly cooking from and promoting his cookbook that tells the story of it all, “Creating Empty Bottle Moments.” We sit down for a lively lunch of Italian comfort food at Sorrento to hear the story behind each recipe. And in our Grape & Grain tasting segment, we get to put on our old, weathered coonskin cap from childhood. Actually, and happily, that thing is long gone. But we do get to do something way better. We taste the wines of Fess Parker from Santa Barbara County with the winemaker who made them – and raise a toast to the recently-passed actor who was an entrepreneurial American original.

SUNDAY: Sometimes, when you’re way out in Far West Texas, you meet people you didn’t expect to meet. That happened recently when we ran into Chef Lou Lambert in Marfa, where he was conducting a culinary weekend for folks from Dallas and Fort Worth. Between teaching a cooking class at lunch and getting busy on dinner, Lambert sits down to talk about his food childhood on West Texas ranch and his restaurants in Austin and now Fort Worth. He’s also doing food and drink with his sister, Liz Lambert, for her hip hotel properties in Austin and San Antonio. In today’s Grape & Grain tasting segment, we explore mescal – the large family of heavy-duty Mexican spirits of which tequila is one regional brand. Yes, mescal is the stuff with the worm at the bottom of the bottle – except that the guy we taste with puts a real (though definitely no-longer-alive) scorpion at the bottom of his. At least, we’re told, the scorpion died happy!


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